Revolutionary masturbation treatment method for men. It is cheap and easy to stink without smelling.

I do not think that I am ashamed this time in my life I will write about those who will enter the top rankings.

Easy it is a revolutionary treatment method of male masturbation that does not smell at low cost.

I do not want to write it because it is so embarrassing like this, but I want to hide it for junior highschool students and young people living in a cheap family home so I'd like to hide them as they become standards in the future, but decided to write.

Since it is quite simple, I will conclude the conclusion earlier.



It is simple. Use a cheap zipper bag that matched your size!

Although it is private matter, my sperm appears to be much smelly than the semen of another man.

 I am convinced that she has testimony from her family.

 "Ooooo's room smells too much! Can you not open the door of the room? A smell drifts."


Let me confess another embarrassing thing. I am masturbating since I was 11 years old!Like all of you, we have treated it in a very normal place like processing in a toilet, processing in a bathroom, processing in a private room, delusing a classmate at a school's toilet and processing it, but I knew it was a smell to complain It was a few years ago.(I guess the family also had patience until then)

I am trying to return my masturbation history here as a senior by middle and high school students here (I wrote it, but I do not want anyone to read ... w ...)


Who Masturbation History


9 years old

Notice the erection phenomenon. It got very troubled that gym uniform was exciting as erection occurred regardless of my will."Your stupid hard !!!" noticed by a classmate's guy and being stupid "After that, I will learn without tapping anybody about the basic behavior at the time of erection, such as moving forward.

11 years old

A suspicious senior who appears in a classmate's conversation seemed to be boasting younger as he showed white turbid liquid. Whether such liquid really comes out, can you feel pleasure, struggle with a toilet by being curious, and familiar with 20 minutes. "What is this!?" State. After that I repeat the number every time I find a chance.



12 years old

My father who entered my room smelled the trash can and said "smell !!!", so the place is fixed in toilet or bath. The mainstream at that time took not less than 10 minutes to warm arm, but to swim with the palm of the hand with a rinse on the glans head.



13 years old

I discovered by chance that semen is clinging to the back of the ditch of the bath. I stopped processing in the bathroom from the distance that I cannot clean and the fear and discomfort that my father loves cleaning.

Since PSP was remodeled and AV became easy to see, "side dish" changed to image → video.

Although boys are growing faster than theirs on school excursions, some boys told me that they wanted me to show you pubic hair and why, I told them to be under the navel in the club room preparation room I was ashamed of myself Get away. (This does not matter)


14 years old

Because I complained about my family many times when the toilet was long, I wonder if there is any way to do it in my room. I happen to discover that there is a box type flowable tissue at home and take it back to my room. Put it on the tissue for a while, and do the processing method to roll it to the toilet.



15 to 17 years old

When the tissue to be flushed to the toilet is lost and it is at a loss, it is impressed to hear the voice of God (paper) saying "It would be nice to put it on toilet paper in the first place."

Become a high school student with toilet paper in the desk. Also, when it is troublesome to go to the bathroom, put it in a black bag of "Book Off", bind it and throw it away.

There are only Book Off where we go on holidays in high school days.



18 year old

Since I was living alone, I used the moo ~ daughter clear hole (Onaho) I was curious about before, but the stimulation is too strong, a bit painful, petroleum smell? I am not good at it, it is troublesome to wash and only occasionally.


19 years old

Returning to parents' home, sending out the basic to the toilet paper and shedding it, when there is opaque vinyl, a method of using tissue is established. However, is it a fiery odor that leaks from your room? I complained about smell from my family who smelled, "Why do you smell? Is my sweat?" Think about it.


My father who likes manufacturing knows how to use a charcoal brother room air washer without permission and uses it, but it is troublesome to use it, afraid that what you are using is bald! "It is unnecessary in my room! I bump into it. "Oddy's clothes are smelly!" I heard that the smell has moved to clothes ... No, I think of sperm smells that I do not feel smelled so much.


20 to 22 years old

When rolling the toilet paper and moving to the toilet, I noticed the possibility that the corridor was stinking and established a method to put it in vinyl and bind it.

Noticing its convenience from lifting a condom.


23 years old

Since money increased, luxuriously using Sagami original luxuriously alone, doing luxury.

Even when using rubber, put it in an opaque bag, bind it and throw it away.

In the case of rubber, since it looks bad (it can be transparent even with an opaque bag) I can think of rolling with paper.

A method of winding used rubber in paper, fixing with a cellophane tape and discarding it in an opaque bag has been established.



24 years old

After graduating Sagami Original from fear of reducing money, even trying to switch to cheap rubber knocked out rubber odor.

Revolution happens when switching to toilet paper for a short time ← now.

Discover the chuck bag that was stockpiled in the kitchen and run electric blast. This may be possible.

Take back the chuck bag of the same size as the pocket tissue, stand by one hand with the chuck open, and put it in the bag when it is about to come out. Turn down so that it does not go against gravity, push the urethra and put out everything that comes out on the spot and close the zipper as soon as possible. Just to be sure, I stopped the mouth of the bag with cellophane tape, wrapped it in unnecessary paper, stopped with cellophane tape and finished.


Hundreds of belligerents ever. The failure rate should be low if it is a chuck bag of a size suitable for my own.It is a method that can clear all concerned items such as cost, smell, sound, difficulty level. Writing so far makes it hard to feel embarrassed.I am hoping that everyone can serve with reference to my history.

On the relationship between masturbation and acne (postscript)

I am particularly sensitive to this subject, but I think that hormones are difficult and difficult to understand what they do not know well, and it is highly probable that acne and inflammation will cure if clean. I will tell you a little story. One of the causes of acne is acne bacteria and Malassezia fungi. It is said that I should cleanse, including these fungi, to reduce bacteria on my skin a little.


1 Do not wash the skin with solid soap. The washing power of bar soap is much stronger than you think, roughening the surface of the skin as well as the fungus. I think that the next acne reserve army will occur after fungus goes into that gap.


2 Use detergent that was made a little weak. Although there are people trying to wash with water without using solid soap, then it is likely that breeding bacteria will win in many cases. There are individual differences, but in essence you should balance the skin. It is what you learn by repeating trial & error yourself.

Acne care products that can be purchased through mail order etc. are effective for people who work but not for everyone. It is cool if you can deal with it by yourself without purchasing useless items.

3 Cleaning of razor, shaving, other makeup tools and so on. I shaved my beard and acne was made like every time. Since it was washed with water after use, is the blade bad? I thought that the cause was bacteria. It made it almost impossible to acne from after cleaning the blade with liquid soap before and after use. People with weak skin like me, maybe there are a lot of bacteria? Please think about it.